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A classified business website is a place you publish your Products, Services and Businesses that are to be sold or distributed for free / paid and this product is published in the form of classified ads with an interesting description.

Classified business websites are sorted under specific categories. Posting your ads on classified websites with a good description may increase traffic and improves ranking on SERP's.

Benefits of posting ads on classified websites

  • Easy to use: Classified ads are search engine friendly as well as mobile-friendly. You can easily share it on all social media platforms which makes it user friendly.
  • Increases CTR - By providing relevant NAP, price, website link, etc. you can get good CTR.
  • Relevant Backlink - Advertising on classified sites will give you a good backlink for your products ad services.
  • Global Market: Classified websites allow a product's ad to reach the global market and driving global traffic.
  • Free Ad posting: Many sites provide free ad posting as classified is popular in the market. Some posting a classified ad is budget-friendly, websites charge a small amount to display your ad.
  • Helps to be better in SEO: Your products or service can be posted on a classified site by providing an interesting description. The more relevant your ad is, the more traffic you will get.